OM3 Duplex LC Fiber Optic Patch Cords 5 M - EdcComp
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OM3 Duplex LC Fiber Optic Patch Cords 5 M
IDR 275.000

SKU : 09080007

OM3 Patchord LC-LC Duplex 5 Meter

Optical Fiber Connector can provide a quick and easy termination of fibers in

the field. Options are available for 900 micron allowing the installer to terminate

and make connection in minutes at equipment and fiber patch panels. Our quick

connector system removes any requirement for epoxy, adhesives or costly curing

ovens.All the key steps have been done in the factory to ensure every connection

is excellent.High quality but low price because we bring these in direct from the


1).Low insertion loss

2).High return loss (low amounts of reflection at the interface)

3).Ease of installation

4).Low cost


6).Low environmental sensitivity

7).Ease of use



2).Active device termination

3).Telecommunication networks


5).Local Area Networks (LANs)

6).Data processing networks

7).Test equipment

8).Premise installation

9).Wide Area Networks(WANs)



Insertion loss

≤ 0.2db

≤ 0.2db

≤ 0.25db

Return loss





≤ 0.1db typical change, 1000 times mating

Operating Temperature

-45 to +85 degree

Ferrule Hole Sizes

125.0+1/-0um, Concertricity: ≤1.0um

125.0+1/-0um, Concertricity: ≤0.5um

125.0um, Concertricity: ≤3.0um

125.3+1/-0um, Concertricity: ≤1.0um

125.3+1/-0um, Concertricity: ≤0.5um

127.0um, Concertricity: ≤3.0um

125.5+1/-0um, Concertricity: ≤1.0um

125.5+1/-0um, Concertricity: ≤0.5um

128.0um, Concertricity: ≤3.0um

126.0+1/-0um, Concertricity: ≤1.0um

126.0+1/-0um, Concertricity: ≤0.5um

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